About Francisco Cancino

Formed by a small, interdisciplinary, and specialized team, in Francisco Cancino we work to position ourselves as the first Mexican fashion brand recognized internationally. We communicate the personality of today's women: heterogeneous, diverse, and universal through a living cultural heritage in continuous evolution. The colors of Mexico, its forms, traditions, and culture are interwoven in the design, manufacture and promotion of a fashion that expresses the contradictory encounters of our times: focused on local culture and with an emphasis on global interactions; interested in noble and organic materials, but with sophisticated silhouettes; troubled with tradition and identity but inserted in a world of blurred borders.

Each of our collections is born from a prolonged reflection on Mexico's vast history and its place in the present, while at the same time wanting to determine the way it will be seen in the future: to mark its legacies and express its ambitions. At the heart of our garments nestle the memories of Cancino's childhood spent in the south of Mexico, with its customs and uses, where clothing fulfilled a function that overflowed the coat and attire and covered all social interactions: the garments determined the position of their wearers, their origins, and their paths; they were marked by the occasion and were always worn with the pride of identity. The verses of our poetry, the cadences of our prose, the melodies of our music, the ruptures of our geography and the convulsive explosions of our history mark the rhythm of our garments; the present and its capricious futures determine their final form.

Convinced of the social importance of clothing and based on our experience with artisanal processes, we have developed our own techniques in our workshop, which, after a prolonged process of rest, experimentation and settling, give each garment a unique construction, the alchemy of materials and a creative dignity. We are convinced that, in each stitch, in each pleat and in each fold, the silent voice of our past, the deafening rumor of our present and the changing voices of our future are expressed in full voice.